24. Missed Call

It was 00:38 am at 30th June 2004.. I told you before that I slept cause I was so tired! At 00:38am I was waking up by when my phone rang loudly in my ears (you know blog.. I deliberately put my cell phones near by.. cause I’ve activated alarm to wake me up).

Okay lets we continue blog..
I’d like to picked up the phone but it stopped ring.. actually, it is still hard for me to kept my eyes opened. After a few seconds.. I grab the phone and see 8 missed call in it. Let me listed those for you blog..

6281361707502 – 1 time at 22:22 pm
Apit – 2 times at 22:20 pm
Desi ef – 3 times at 00:08 am
Tinu – 2 times at 00:38 am

Whoah.. How busy I am? Continue reading →


21. All Day Long With FAJRI ^_^

My Dear Blog.. ^_*

Yesterday (28th june 2004), Bembenk called me from Bank Bumi Putra (He’s been working there) and he told me that FAJRI was here.. he has arrived in Medan and he bembenk also added fajri has been here for 2 weeks.. wow.. I never know! I took my phone and call fajri at home.. nice he was home! I asked fajri wether he wanted to go with me or not.. and sure, he admitted that he really want to go out with me! Soon, I asked him to pick me up at stm home.

We went to Deli Plaza.. we aimed to watch movies at 21 but we’d rather eat first! We’d already in Texas Fried Chicken and suddenly my phone rang! Wira called me and describe that he was watching movies at President Theater. Hmm.. I eyed fajri and asked his opinion. “well.. fajri, we’d better eat first or we watch movie accompany wira?” and fajri said I think it’s better to watch movie then we eat together with wira! So we walked toward to President Theater.

How messy we are.. we called “wira.. wira.. where are you wira? Wira.. broto..?” with a loud voice. We scream.. and every single person in that building stared at us. How brave we are? 🙂 after a moment, we decided to sit first then I aimed to call wira. I called wira and I’d suggest him to wave his cellphone up, so we could saw him.. and he did wave like a child. We came over him and sat beside him. Fajri, wira, and me.. watch Harry Potter “Prisoner Of Azkaban” what a wonderful moment.. what a wonderful wizard.. what a wonderful movies.. what a wonderful POTTER.. 😉 hihi.. to much fantasy around here..

We’d been there for 2 hours.. and I did sorry while we hadn’t had our lunch before, cause the air conditioner is so cold and made me getting hungry.. after we finished, we ate at Texas FC.. Phiuh.. finally, i‘ve got this stomach full! Fajri told us his experiences in JOGJA, tell us about our friends like Bean, Bexy, and others who lived there!

You know what, blog.. I sometimes can’t stop myself to enjoyed everything.. in this holiday I think I do enjoy watch movies that’s why I had fajri to accompany me. I threw my idea to watch movies again.. but we’d rather changed the place.. deal.. we moved to Empire Theater to watch “The Day After Tomorrow” we did enjoyed the cinemas.. At 21:35, fajri took me home.. after we’d hanging out around offcourse..

I really tired. I took my shoes off, and threw my shirts away.. and when I checked my cellphones, there’s one messages displayed.. guess who blog? Yup.. who else, it must be tc.. she was wondering why I won’t reply her short messages back? Hehe.. can’t understand her, however, I always reply her sms back. I phoned her and said “which sms c? which one? I thought I never forget to reply your sms..” you know blog.. he would be anger when I don’t answer her back. And with a nice voice she described that he forgot to send the message, and she thought she already send it and thought I DIDN’T ASNWER her Messages.. J what a fabulous woman.. huh.. 🙂

fajrie and abe poetra

That’s all for today.. you must be miss me when i left you for holidays rite? see ya.. i’d like to attend meeting rite now..

warm regards,

Abdi JP
*meeting.. meeting.. 4:04pm! tuesday, 29 june 2004 !!!

22. SO TIRED.. Hoahm.. Work?

I didn’t know why? It was 7:00am o’clock in the cold morning at 29th june 2004 and I can’t even had my eyes opened. Whoah.. I’m so TIRED and too lazy.. you know blog.. I must attend office this morning at 8:00am o’clock, you can imagine it blog.. I’m so tired and lazy to get work. I said to papa to go first.. I’ll go by bus then!

Ok.. there ain’t much story to be told at the office.. I just wondered why I’m being so lazy that day. Oops.. when I went home.. tc, fid, mirna, and ira picked me up at DANAMON BUILDING. After we talked for a few minutes, they invited me to eat BAKSO at Bakso’s Pakde (in setia budi street) and Fidia treated us! I didn’t even know why without a cause fidia treat me BAKSO. I offered to pay all.. but tc said “Let Fidia pay.. Be..” huh? I wondered. I stared tc and asked her.. “why should fidia pay all the expenses c?” and tc eyed me with a smile “just let fidia pay be.. just let her..”

A big question stayed in my mind.. why should fidia pay? Was she celebrated her birthday? Or else? I thought that day wasn’t her birthday.. I ever told by fidia, her birthday is celebrate at September (if I’m not mistaken.. 😉 ) and why tc, mirna, ira keep quiet about this? I’m gonna ask fidia later..

After tc brought me home.. I’m still so tired.. take my shoes off.. and changed cloth.. saw my PS II and it looked like want me to play it.. I take my head in pillow.. and no need more time to felt sleep.. have a nice sleep abe.. ^_*

I think I’m gonna sleep blog.. see ya in the next blog..

Abe Poetra
*will get succes soon.. hope so!

19. Netherland has a ticket to quarter-final in EURO 2004

Blog.. time is showing 4:44 at the call master!

What a dramatic game.. Netherland has beaten Swedia in penalties time. after 2 time 45 minutes spent and the score still 0:0.. the game brought to penalties.. and the winner is Netherland! the final touch was created by ROBBEN.. and the best performance of VAN DER SAR (da keeper) make Netherland win.. BRAVO for Netherlands..

Okay.. i keep my promise.. and i’m gonna browse and join forums in spymac again.. see ya..


abe poetra
*EURO 2004 – RCTI as the official channel for this game.

18. SMS from Fanny As..


I forgot to tell you that i’ve had a message from FANNY AS.. you wanna know exactly the content blog? ok.. i’ll write it down for you..

“Gobi.. lg ngapain ko bulatz? pasti ko lag ngantok2 kerja kan?” and the english are “Gobi.. what are you doin? you must be sleepy while you are workin rite?”

And when i send her message back.. but she doesn’t answer me.. i also wonder why she suddenly send me a message without a cause and message details printed 26:06:2004.. 21:44pm!

I thougt it was tc who wrote the messages after i see the message again and again.. but when tc called me at 116 from his AS card.. and i asked her.. she said that she ain’t do that.. you know blog..

I think i should call her tommorrow to ask an explaination from her.. 😉 hmm.. hmm.. That’s all blog.. see ya..


Abe Poetra