I’ve got my PS2 Fixed.. !!!

This morning..

When i woke up in the morning at 10 o’clock (really, this is still morning for me) , i remembered that i must call Hadie to get my PS2 fixed.. A week a go, it has been broken caused by unstable electricity! Yoga asked me to fix it! ok, i thought it was no a big problem and i can get Hadie easyly to fix it.

Today, i went to Millenium Plaza to take my lovely PS2! with a smooth pace, i took it and it cost Rp.250.000,- Whoah.. thats really made me surprise.. 🙂
ya know, i just bought it and it has broken.. moreover, 250k is much for me!

Btw, when i was in MP, i deliberately hangin’ out to Satelindo Direct and met Gita while she was worikin there.. and she asked me to treat her for supper.. actually, i wanna treat her, but i accompanied by my brothers and nephew.. and they insisted me to go home. haha.. next time deh.. Gita..

enough for today,

abe poetra
*moving.. moving.. here.. 🙂


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