3. Holiday, A New DVD’s Film ^_^

Dear all,

Surprisely, i woke up early this morning (again?) and ya know this is i’m off.

Actually, i can’t get wake up till TESSY callin’ me up! yes, she always call me deliberately to make me wake. “ABE.. abe.. bangoonn… pasti masih tidur khan? tuhkan abe, masak tessy kerja dia enak2an bobok..” chuckling.. hihihi… whatever lah.. the important thing is this is my HOLYDAY.. i shout it loudly “I’M FREE TODAY, and deserved to do what i love”

Started from 10 o’clock when tc woke me up! i said to her that i’ve been waking, while it is still hard for me to opened my eyes (still got sleepy, i slept late to watch soccer). she asked me to checked HALLO’s number from friends of hers. call 111 and find out! done.. !!!

I forgot to tell you when i was in MILENIUM PLAZA yesterday, i bought 2 DVD game for my PS2, Euro2004 and the sims. so after tc’s call, i tried the sims games. hmm..

The sim’s family games! is it quiet familiar in your ears? ok, lem’me explain you a little. it is a game which is called a role playing game or you can be yourself at the game. what you want the person do in the games is up to you. you can create your own characters (man, women, teenage, old, or children) it’s all depend on your like. the story being taken from our daily life, for instances.. you can ask your characters to eat, to play, to talk with other character while they come over to your house. even you must keep your characters stay clean, or stay happy.. hehe.. isn’t it simple right? (i neva think so, cause i’ve spent a week to understand)

Oops.. onethine, the sims game for the first time was created in the Personal Computer. Yes, sure, it is the same like we were playing in Personal Computer. that’s a pitty that i have no enough memory card to save the game in my PS2. i really disappointed!

Ok we continued..
I asked yoga wether he want to go or not in order to rent his motorcycle to hanging out search a DVD’s Movies. and i’d like to buy A NEW DVD’S FILM at PAJAK USU, the cheapest one offcourse!

Imagine it, i just spent Rp.12.500,- for each. i got 3 DVD’s and 1 CD mp3’s rock 2004 for just Rp.45.000,-! even, the CD’s keeper give me a discount! haha.. how satisfied i am.. ^_*

With me now.. A Harry Potter “The Prisonner Of Akaban”, “The Day After Tommorow” which is from director of independence day, and the “Italian Job”! the last is rather old film, but i love the cover so i bought too.. =)

Now, i’m writing this BLOG in AMIK MBP.. and still, TESSY call me again to ask her friends bill. i’ve refuse it, but she explain the situation that she just want to kiddin her friend, and her friend ever kidd her up too! fine, call 111 again… VITA picked the phone and then tc call me to ask me the bill for 08126515596-diyanti indahwati (her friend)!

I think that’s all for today..
I must get home early to watch this DVD’s movies.. and enjoy this holiday.. i offered tc to get out this evening, but she told me that she must attend and give farewell for sevendays funeral of TAN JAYA’s mom! a deep sympaties for you bro, although i never know you before.. Hope your mother accepted by ALLAH’s side.. (prayin..)

I think i’m gonna home ritenow.. this stomach cryin loudly and ask me to fill it… laperrrr… šŸ˜‰ bye bye.. for now..

See you tomorrow..

Abdi J. Putra
*known well as abe poetra
*Amik MBP, 14:34 pm