4. Tc Got an Accident, She Crashed Her Car?

Last evening.. (18 june 2004 at 5:35)

I was watching my DVD’s FILM (The Italian Job) when tc called me and asked me for lamp’s car prices ( they are a sign lamp and back lamp, =) it is hard to find those words in my dictionary).. i do surpried, what happened? again? i thought tc and fidia got an accident, but they won’t admit it?

As i heard the news (though they didn’t tell me bout that), i grab my towels and got shower for a while, and in a minute, i’d been searced them on the street. tried to call tc, but she rejected me.. and i also tried to called fidia.. but no answer. a big question printed in my mind? what happened to them? are they really okay? are they safe? or perhaps they’d got pressed? i don’t know..

Finally, when i was confusing to find them.. tc called and said that they were infront of WISMA BENTENG and waited for me there. swerve my car, and i got them in cadevarous face ^_^ it must be really bad..

I told to them that i really dissapointed to hear this accident late.. but the important thins is THEY ARE in GOOD CONDITIONS.. thanks god..

I suggested ’em to find MACHINE SHOP or BENGKEL, and they were agree so we went together me with my kijang.. tc+fidia in tc’s kijang.. we came over to WARNET and found MEMET there (i’d called him before)! and estimate

Ok.. we’re continued in the next blog..
Warm regards,

abe poetra
*who let the dogs out? whoop.. whoop… (bahamen)