6. Get Work in The Morning.. Again?

I have to get work in the morning again..

I’ve listed myself at EF for Conversation Club, i joined a test and i deserved to stay at level 7. so what’s an amazing things happened in level 7? šŸ™‚ nothing.. but if we were in level 7.. we can easily choose our english activity such as.. TOEFL programes.. Conversations of EF Club.. which is meant we do not have to learn much grammar and much structure.. you know.. those things really make me suck.. šŸ˜‰ (sorry to say so..)

Ok shortened..
Now i’m typing this blog in the office.. i’ve changed my shift (a work schedule) with INDRA.. hehe.. i didn’t know why? this time he asked me to change.. actually, he never want change his shift unless he ever used yours.. i did surprised.. but whatever.. =)

I think.. it is better to get a cup of coffe now.. or perhaps milk? hihi.. bye bye for now.. šŸ™‚

Warm regards..

Abe Poetra
*In My Humble Oppinions.. I am the best.. hihi..