11. Am i disgusting? o, really?? — created by tessy

No comment for ur statement…coz it’s ur blog =) Sorry before, if i’m not excuse to write down my opinion here.

I just wanna say :
it is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend

nobodys perfect
i’m nobodys
so..tc is perfect

prayin for the best
(holy friday)

========= abe’s comment! =========

I would like to give a comment for your statement c..
YES I CONFESS that it is easier to forgive an enemy than a friend.. yes.. you are right! but you must know before..

IT IS NOT EASY to ask FORGIVENESS.. you know what i meant mizz? it is hard to say i’m sorry (hihi.. sounds like BEEGES song) i think it is necessary to say SORRY eventhough you’d done wrong.. but you know.. sometimes a word “SORRY” can’t solve everything..

Ugh.. a friend of mine ever said to me that if you say JUST “sorry” but you ain’t sorry in your heart.. that’s meant you feel you aren’t sorry in your trully heart.. isn’t it worthless, rite?

I think we never need to say SORRY unless if we are feel quilty and won’t do that again.. ARE YOU AGREE WITH ME TESSY? hahaha.. even, you don’t say a word to ask forgive BUT you behave that you are really sorry and feel quilty.. i think it is BETTER than you are say SORRY loudly but you don’t even understand what the word means..

Am i right c? perhaps.. that’s depend on us.. 😉
That’s all for this evening.. see you next

All Rgds,

Abdi J. Putra
*T’sel 4ever.. at 25 June 2004 – 16:26pm (call master)


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