54. New DVD Film and New MP3

Dear Blog..

Finally I have time to Pajak USU to buy some DVDs and MP3s.. hihi.. you know blog.. I’ve been thinking to buy ’em since I have a New DVD Player! Have I told you that I bought a DVD Player? Okay.. I tell you! Look Blog.. you already knew that my PS2 can play a DVD Film and it has no problem with that.. But blog I’m afraid the optic couldn’t be use for long time.. it would be worse since its optic’s prices is Rp.800.000,- (i think it costs more..) and you may know blog.. that’s half of the whole price of PS2 itselfes.. (I bought it for Rp.1.600.000,-) hihi.. you can imagine that.. ^_*

This Noon.. I went to Pajak USU and bought 2 DVDs and 2 MP3. and I bought “Matrix Revolutions and Terminator3” hihi blog.. I do happy when I played them and they play well.. good sounds.. nice pictures.. and a complete subtitle.. like an original one though I only spent Rp.13.000,- each.. 😉 hihi.. I will no sorry to buy them.. really blog.. ^_* Continue reading →


53. Should I Listen You Blog?

Dear Blog..

How are you today? are you fine blog? is there someone or something bother you? huh.. I wonder why you never told me your problems or perhaps something which made you unhappy and bother you? huh.. or perhaps you don’t have any problems to be told. or maybe you don’t need me while I am here really want to hear you.. YOU DON’T TRUST ME blog? or perhaps I ain’t the right guys to share with?

Fine Blog..
SHOULD I BEG YOU FOR THAT? I meant.. should I beg you to give me trust to listen? Don’t you need someone to share with? Don’t you need somebody to heard all your problems or all your happiness? huh.. I do confuse about you.. Whoah.. or maybe you just want to listen never complaint or never want me know your problems or your story? whoah.. what a wonderful friend you are blog.. Continue reading →



This jokes comes from http://www.iloveblue.com and pasted it here.. and you may read it.. 😉

1.Kamu pernah gak sengaja nyari tombol escape di mesin ATM.. kalo salah masukin pin! (ngerasa lagi ngetik di WORD..)
2. Kamu sudah bertahun-tahun gak main solitaire pake kartu beneran!
3. Kamu punya 15 daftar nomor telpon untuk 3 nama!
4. Kamu meng-email teman kamu yang duduk di samping mejamu..
Continue reading →

51. TITANIC In Other Versions.. (Jokes)

Blog.. Huahuaha..

As I attended my office today.. it was still 7:45am in the morning and I still have 15 minutes left to check my email.. and found an email from biiksr02@Indosat.com.. yup it is Tessy.. 🙂 If you understand both English and Indonesian well.. you must be think it is funny.. some kinda jokes..


Versi asli, Titanic Version (versi setia sampe mati)
You jump… I jump !

Versi ngajak-ngajak
I want to jump… anybody else want to jump ?

Versi pemimpin
I jump… all of you jump after me !

Versi pengikut
We will jump after you jump.

Versi penakut
You jump… tell me if it is ok… then I jump.

Versi ogah-ogahan
I’ve already jumped last time… now it is your turn to jump.

Versi iklan
You should jump because every celebrities and famous people jump.

Versi programmer
If (you.jump()) then (I.jump())

Versi logika implikasi
If you jump then I jump that means if you don’t jump I might still jump.

Versi nggak percayaan
You jump…. are you sure you want to jump?… no kidding?….promise?…

Versi penjudi
We’ll throw a coin if it is head, I jump… if it is tail you jump.

Versi Tarzan baru kenalan dengan Jane
“You Jump, Me Tarzan.”

Versi Forest Gump
“My name is Jump, Forest Jump.”

Versi sinetron Catatan si Boy
“Kamu sangat ke-jump, Boy!”

Versi 007
“My name Bond, Jump’s Bond.”

Versi Waktu
“Jump sabaraha?” “Jump 10 kurang lima.”

Versi Buah-buahan
Jump-bu Monyet, Jump-bu Klutuk, Jump-bu Batu,

Versi Betawi……
Inich Aye Abang…………Jump-ang !

Versi korban tindak kekerasan
Tolooongggggggg…………. Jump bret!

Versi dukun santet
Nich gue kasih jumpe jumpe …biar selamet dunie akherat!

Versi wiraswasta gendong-gendong
Mau jump-u apa mas…. galian singset apa kabel…….?

Versi pedagang kaki lima
Di-jump-in tidak luntur .. luntur tidak di-jump-in…!


Abe Poetra

50. My As’ Card.. Has Reached Its Expired Date..

Morning blog..

huh.. i can’t remember exactly what date will my As’ Card expire? I thought it will expired at least on 1st august.. but blog.. its expired fall today.. yup 27th July 2004.. whoah.. I’m working rite now blog and can’t buy it myself..

hehe.. finally blog.. I phoned bobby and ask him to scratch one of As’ voucher and he said “you know Bie.. it is useless.. you work for TELKOMSEL while you don’t check your card expired date.. hehe.. luckily you ain’t late.. unless your card will no longer use.. and you also know that As’ card can’t be replaced rite now.” blog, i just smiled and talked to him unpantiently.. “c’mon Bob.. just scratch it and give it the Voucher number to me.. and the serial number too.. I’d better check it in VAD.. hehehe.. ” then he’s buzy to telling me the number.. GOT IT..

Now I have to fill my card.. see ya then blog..

abe poetra

*What a beautiful morning..
*Who has stolen Tessy’s morning?
*hihi.. I’ll share half of this beautiful morning for her.. 🙂

49. Credit Card From HSBC!!

Morning Blog..

Just now.. I called Bang Faisal!

Rember him Blog? Yup.. He’s Bang Ino’s Friend, and I know him accidentally when Tessy got accident last day. Have I told you that I met bg Faisal at Retros last Saturday night, and when I woke up in the following morning he gave me a short message which is offered and a CREDIT CARD from HSBC Bank! Haha.. blog.. I smiled and I laughed. I wrote him back.. “Are you sure bang? Are you trying to persuade me to fulfill an application for HSBC bank? Hehe.. can’t understand you.

Actually, you work for NESTLE or HSBC? Just wondering 🙂 bang” and he replied me soon “Both, be! yes both be.. just give me a copy of your salary paper, your ID Card and let me fill the applications for you.. You make your card and tessy will, too” he said. “okay, I’ll call you then.. On Monday” that’s our last conversations in SMS. I promised him to give my salary paper on Monday.

Back to our story.. just know I called bang Faisal and said sorry to him that I can’t met him yesterday. And I told her that I’ll meet him if I have a chance, I suggest him to wait until I call him again. Actually, I didn’t bring my salary paper with me today.. hihi.. I forgot 😉 or perhaps I’ll give that paper with Tessy or ask her to give it to bang Faisal. I’ll phone tessy then blog..

Oops.. have to go out blog.. I’ll tell you the whole story, later.. I see bang ikbal came over me.. ^_*

Warm regards..

Abe Poetra
*Do not steal my morning.. Do not steal my morning..
*Do not steal my happiness.. Would you please.. 😉

48. Miss Call.. From Tinu..

At 22:08pm.. When I checked my cell phone.. there are two missed call and when I went to Log and found Tinu’s number there. hehe.. what’s up.. just wonder.. I thought there’s something important to discuss.. so I gave her a short message.. here..

td tinuk nelp yah? ada apa nuk? mo ngasih kue lagi? ato mo bikin pizza buat abe? makasih sebelumnya nuk.. (belum dibuat dah perasaan..)

hehe.. and she replied me blog..

Bilang aj td tn mskol d lm jg ya g mskol ab pagi2 ntar aj y pintar ab y mhitamkan tn k ftra tp tnang aj emg tn kok yg nyuru ntar y tn bwat lg kue klo tn lg dmdn

look blog.. look.. I can’t understand her.. can’t understand what has she written.. hihi.. really short.. and I do understand why this service call as Short Messages Services.. 🙂 You must be confused too.. am I rite blog.. I think I’m gonna write her back later..

all rgds..

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