34. Snook Cafe.. Capital Building 2nd Floor !!

This night is FINAL EURO 2004 blog.. (2:00am at 5th July 2004)

I just prepared to finish my work.. when suddenly BOBBY called me and asked me if i had planning that night.. i said NOPE, i have no idea to do this night.. and then Bobby told me that he wanted to pick me up at Danamon Building to watch FINAL EURO 2004 at Snook Cafe! Cool.. and he also asked was INDRA there. Bobby Explained that the tickets of mine is given to Indra.

30 minutes to 24:00 o’clock Bobby with Reza and Sofian has arrived at Danamon Building. I invited Fitra.. but Fitra got shift 7A.. so i told Fitra to joined as at 1:00 O’Clock.. indra and me went downstair to met them. we were now.. Bobby, Indra, Reza, Sofian.. and offcourse me.. Fitra would be joined us at 1:00 o’clock..

Okay.. that’s all..

Abe Champ ^_^


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