33. Accident.. Again? With Tessy’s Car.. Again?

Blog.. hiks.. hiks..

We got an accident.. again? yup again? 🙂
It was about 8:00 o’clock (i don’t know exactly the time..) in the beautiful evening when tc drove me home. actually.. i was the one who drove the car.. and it was occured after we delivered fidia to her home..

we arrived at gg. syukur in STM.. you know gg. syukur is where i lived blog.. we were talking about gprs in tc’s cellular phone. she asked me to activate her agile messenger (a software which is able to acces such kind of messenger). i used my right hand to drive and the other hand with tc’s phone.. you know tc, blog.. she such as kind of a whimper woman.. i can’t refuse her.. that’s why i was not aware when i drove it back slowly then a small scratch voices heard.. “kreekk.. kreekk..” Oh god.. thanks.. accident again.. a motorcycle behind us..

i thought.. i hit the street brick and suddenly there is a boy stood beside my door.. he just wondered.. and i asked him to calm down. i pointed to my home.. “that’s my home.. we may discuss it there..” i thought it is useless to asked tc stay there.. i did sure i can handle it rapidly.. 🙂 i asked her to go home and i asked the victim.. hihi.. i meant the people whom we crashed to come over my home..

bla.. bla.. bla.. then i gave him some money.. cause he admitted that he didn’t have any money to repaired it.. moreover the motorcycle isn’t belong to him. he borrowed from his cousins.. haha.. what a messy boy.. 😉


after the accident tc phoned me and asked me “how”.. i said it is okay.. nothing to worried about c.. i asked her wether his car is fine.. she said.. that’s ok bie.. hmm.. hmm.. it looks that i should repair her car bumper at the back and get it flawless again. you may wait c.. ^_*

that’s all for tonight blog.. 😎
with all my regards..

abdi jp
*which is known well as “abe poetra”


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