36. I Do Love Reading..

Dear blog..
You know that i do LOVE READING and in my spare time i sometimes buy books from GRAMEDIA. actually.. i much read about japanese comic or “manga” animee.. and they are so amusing and fun.

I’ve been collecting DETECTIVE CONAN even a New Stories one.. been collecting Kotaro San and Family Compo.. and i also collects made by HOJO SUKASA.. (City Hunter, Family Compo.. and Angel Heart) i have them all.. and when i was a child my mother used to brought and bought Walt Disneys Comics for me.

All regards..

Abe Poetra
*i member.. MIKO borrowed my Det. Conan New Series 1-5
*he also borrowed my “Sidney Sheldon The Falling Sky” and “The Other Side Of Midnite”


One Comment

  1. hohooho do u like reading a book?n so do i,hohohohoho,about conan,i also read it,how about ran n conan?what’s happen with them in next chapter?hahahaha

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