41. Deasy.. hmm.. not again? part II

Ok.. we continue blog..

after a call from deasy at 1:00pm in the morning.. i was so confused.. i felt regret.. something whirl in my head.. so suck.. uncomfort.. i can’t think again.. felt quilty.. why me blog? what would desy like to show? she wants everybody know that she has something special feeling for me.. is it really me whom she likes? why me? and this suck things really BOTHER ME AND DISTURB ME and make me UNCOMFORT.. yes.. deasy does annoyed me much..

look blog..
yesterday.. silvie call me and want me see whether deasy came to EF or not? so as soon as possible i went to EF.. and can’t see her car there.. actually i won’t this suck problems solved. so i decided not enter the class that day.. i met TIO (the receptionist) and i asked her.. “do you see Deasy around here.. tio?” “nope..” she said.. “is there something wrong happened.. abie?” i confused to answer.. “nope.. nothing.. i just want to meet her..” i don’t admit that deasy run away from her house..

i went back to my office and waited tc+fanny at telkomsel.. silvie phoned me again then i explained that deasy was not there. “okay thank you for your best effort.. abie..” “fine.. no problem..” okay blog.. it is not finish after that. i do CONFUSED.. do BOTHERED.. do UNCOMFORT.. and much of sensitives..

at 21:00pm tc and fanny pick me up at my office.. i do HAPPY when they give me a lift.. i thought.. it is better to share this story with them.. I KNOW THEY WILL LISTEN.. ^_*

but I SCREW UP everything.. i just can’t understand myself.. i can’t realize that deasy has made me uncomfort and DIFFERENT..

okay.. i think i should change TITLE.. keep listening blog..

that’s all

abe poetra
*stupid.. so sentives.. and always does the same mistakes..


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