42. ABE.. YOU ARE CHANGE..?? AM I blog??

Me again blog..
We continued the last story blog..

we were on a ride in tc’s car blog.. we? yup.. fanny.. tc.. and me.. i actually would like to started conversations with them.. i’d like to shared them about deasy.. but i just confused and didn’t know where should i begin? and i didn’t want they were thinking i’m PROUD OF about that.

In my thought.. if funny have no time to LISTEN my problems cause she has to home early.. at least tc could hear me when she drove me home.. (just my hope..)

I was trying to started a conversations.. when tc said “abe.. i drove you home first.. then fidia.. is it alrite?” hmm.. can’t understand.. i did sensitive and thought they won’t listen me.. and confused.. so i said with a rude voice.. “OKAY.. fine.. i thought you must be perforced to pick me at telkomsel rite?” again with a rude voice “you don’t have to PICK me up at tsel..if you don’t want indeed.. i can have a driver to delivered me home.. that’s all.. yes.. YOU DON’T HAVE TO”

Tc again.. with her all patience.. “it is not like that ABE.. no.. no.. it’s not like that.. I PROMISE YOU rite.. i’ll take you home rite.. is it me who asked to wait at tsel rite?” and funny with all her understanding told me “abe.. we will talk to funny’s mother.. tc has something to talk with my mom..” and tc added “yup.. abe i have to talked with funny mom..” and me again “okay.. i think it is not the right time to talk.. tc please.. side over please.. it’s better to home by bus now..” i took a deep breath.. so CONFUSED.. do not know what should i do.. do not know what to say.. i just NEED TO SHARE THIS PROBLEMS.. yes.. is there anyone here understand me.. suck.. i felt so EMPTY..

Funny added “abe.. i thought something happened with you.. and YOU ARE CHANGED..” in my heart.. fanny you do not know.. that i had had a BAD EXPERIENCES for the last days.. but i do understand.. it is my problems not theirs.. it is my bad day.. not theirs.. so i shouldn’t interfered them here.. HOW COULD THEY KNOW while I NEVER TALK about it? how could they FELT WHAT I FELL when i never share my feeling to them? and how could they would understand me while I NEVER UNDERSTAND them? what a FOOL ABE.. what a STUPID ABE.. what aN EGHOISM ABE.. yes.. i realize it late.. yes.. so CHILDISH? yup.. that’s me blog..

I do sorry for them blog..

They suggested me to talk with them tomorrow in tc’s home.. cause fanny would like to accompany tc at tc’s home.. that’s why tc need to talk to fanny mom.. just realize it late.. i said “fine.. i will go to your home c.. just wait for me there..” tc can’t answered me cause she was afraid.. bang amien is at home.. she doesn’t want bang amien thought tc became too wild while she was left by her father.. but she just quiet until i phoned her.

When i arrived at home.. papa and ibu and yoga were sit infront of our home.. i greet them shoke ibu’s hands.. and pa too.. and i permitted to change cloth.. and i told to pa.. i have something to do.. so i borrowed car and i wil home again in an hour.. (look blog.. i promised i will home in an hour.. while somethin’ happened again and again and finally i came home late..)

I drove the car and toward to tc home.. while i phoned her.. she said that she still in fanny home.. hahaha.. blog.. i deliberately chalenge her emotions.. and she kept patience.. abe.. tomorrow please.. we can talk it tomorrow rite? i said “up to you.. tomorrow i will die.. and you never heart about me.. and THANK YOU TO LISTEN” and for sure.. she gathered her emotions and rather anger said to me “ABE LISTEN.. THANK YOU? thanks for what? i never heard even a single words from your mouth? thanks to mock me and thanks for great ALLUSIONs..” bla..bla..bla.. QUARREL again and again.. FIGHT again and again.. i thought it must be MY TURN to calm down..

Actually when tc said she can’t accompany me that night.. cause she was afraid with bang AMIEN.. i drove my car home.. but I DELIBERATELY TEASE HER and said “tc.. come on.. may i pick you to fanny home and help you to PERSUADE fanny’s parents.. haha..” tc said “abe please..” it looked like she can’t be patience again.. “okay.. or perhaps.. may i take you home.. i meant.. may i tail you behind until you are safe at home..” and she said.. “abe.. thank you.. you don’t have to do like that.. and thanks..” by the time she said like that.. SILVIE call me.. so i said to tc “allrite.. i’ll tell you both tomorrow then.. bye.. bye..”

I grab the phone from SILVIE and.. BUT blog it is WISER to put this story in the next threads rite?

ok.. we’ll continue in the next threads…
warm regards…

abe poetra
*hihihi.. i feel better tonight..
*thanks to listen..


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