46. RETRO Featuring DJ DONAL.. ^_^

Night Blog..

it was Friday 23 July 2004 at 14:00 pm when i entered the office.. Loni came by and asked me..

“Abie.. would you please drive to RETROS tonight? I felt lazy to drive alone.. and perhaps Diana and Vada will join us.. if they don’t bring any vehicle.. would you?”

I was wonder.. and said “Lonie? what..? you ladies..? going to retro tonight? am i rite?” and she replied “Yup.. bie.. we are going to retro tonight.. so please.. drive me, okay..” and I added “okay.. if you want me to drive.. fine.. all rite Lonie.. I have to Log In first.. we discuss it later..” then I went to my desk and started to work.

When i got my lunch.. I asked to Wira and Adek.. “Do you guys.. ask our ladies to Retro tonigh?” and Adek Said.. “Yes.. i gave them tickets.. one ticket for Rp.50.000,- and you can use it for 2. it is discount specially for you” ohh.. i see blog.. so adek has a discount ticket for us.. and when i asked him whether is there any tickets left or not.. and he said “sure.. i have 3 free tickets.. do you want it abie?” my replied “just keep it.. i’ll ask you tonight.. i think i’m gonna take one.. for me and for fitra”
it was 11 O’clock blog.. when the ladies.. Lonie, Diana, Vada, and Imay came again.. (they were prepared themseleves cause they aimed to sleep at office). I was chatt with Tessy and Tinu in Yahoo Messenger.. 2 hour before.. Tessy called me when she still in her home.. and gotta pick me at Telkomsel.. and she said.. she will bring bang Ino with her.. and Tinu too.

Tessy told me that this night is her last freedom.. cause the following day.. her papa and mama would come back from Jakarta. I was surprised when she said she want to go home. At First, i thought she will asked me to join her with Tinu.. and hanging out. But she didn’t tell me.. and blog.. i’ve promised to Lonie to drive her home.. Actually.. i really want to ask tessy join me to Retro but i was still confused.. is it okay to ask her join me to Retro? but why she said.. she want to go home? or perhaps she has a plan with Tinu? can’t understand her blog.. or perhaps cause bang Ino has joined with them

we all have finished our worked and we all prepared.. change our Friday Uniform.. wash our hair.. took some gel.. and light our hair on.. hehe.. we look like a bunch of clubber while we ain’t blog.. ^_*

We walked to lift and Lonie gave me her car key to me.. when Fitra suddenly talked “Bie.. Tessy is in downstair.. waiting for you?” surprised “what..?? are you sure??” i said to Fitra.. “really? Tessy told me just a moment ago.. that she want to home.. she got sleepy.. and got bang Ino with her..” and later i know that she has lied.. Bang Ino was at home with Lastri (his girl)..

As we walked to the Park.. yup.. i can see Tessy and Tinu there. So i whispered to Lonie.. “Lonie.. How about if we leave your car here.. then you and the others join with me? or perhaps i can ask fitra to drive you to retro and home again. is it okay?” Lonie surprised.. “but why Bie..?” I just pointed to tessy’s car.. “I think my friends will join with us tonight.. Lonie..” and she replied “Ohh.. I see.. I see..” she smiled me..

I went toward tessy and tinu.. and explained the situaton. i also aksed them to join me at Retro.. and surprised they ain’t refused. ^_* I did know actually they really want me to asked them join to Retro.. but I thought they were afraid or confused.. didn’t know blog..

I also asked the others.. i meant Lonie, Diana, Vada, and Imay to join me and Tessy.. but they refused.. i didn’t know why.. perhaps because they never know tessy or before.. however Fitra drove them to Retro.. and we picked Eva.. (Fitra has asked Eva to join us tonight..) whoah.. cool.. I thought.. if EVA there.. Tessy would have a friend who can make her comfort..) so we went to Eva house.. and we went to retro TOGETHER.. and have fun TOGETHER..

At Retro.. we met Bang Faisal.. (one of Bang Ino’s Friend..) I thought it would bother tessy.. but fine.. Bang Faisal Cool.. ^_*

hoahmm… i’m sleepy blog..
i think we’ll continue our story tomorrow..
Warm regards…

abe poetra
*Tolong Jangan Beritahu Niah.. bahwa kini tiada lagi cinta.. 😉
*Retro With DJ Donal? huh.. better live band was perfomed there..


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