47. My Sallary..


I’ve been working in TELKOMSEL since 9th February 2004 (it is written in my contract agreement paper) if i’m not mistaken blog.. hehe.. 😉 My First Sallarry is Rp.900.000,- and a week after we were given Rp.400.000,- for the SPJ cost in Jakarta. Tottally for the first Sallary at Telkomsel is Rp.1.300.000,- haha.. that’s much blog.. really.. After few months passed.. we got sallary more than Rp.2000.000,- whoah.. that’s much than much.. you know what i meant blog.. that sallary is quiet enough for us who living in Medan though they responsible of their family.. or perhaps they’ve been married.. and you know I’m alone.. and my mother never asked my sallary nor asked my money for her need though.. hehe..

you must be wonder why i must begin this story with my sallary.. hehe.. okay I’ll shout it loudly.. I JUST CAN’T WAIT.. AND HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR IT hihi.. you must be wonder rite now blog.. you must be curious.. anxious to know.. hihi.. allrite.. just listen..

listen blog.. just now CICI has informed me that her sallary has entered her SALDO in BNI Bank.. you want to know how much it is blog? yup.. i’ll write it out for you.. Rp.3.700.000,- hehe.. now you must be surprised rite? and we don’t know whether that sallarry has been added with our insentif or not? hihi.. can’t wait our paper sallarry out. However.. Cici told me that she thought it has been added with her SPJ last week to JAKARTA ^_* I also has asked RAMA and he got Rp.3.200.000,- in his SALDO.. So How About Me? How much will I get this month? hehe.. can’t longer wait..

okay.. that’s all blog.. if you are exist here.. I’ll treat you.. I’ll buy you everything you’d like.. hehe.. but because you ain’t here.. that’s a pitty.. =p~ NO.. NO.. it doesn’t meant i’m too CHINCHY and froogle or FRUGAL.. hihi.. in Indonesian Language CEKEL and you know blog.. Tessy.. besides always say I am a Charm Men.. She also call me CEKEL Man.. 🙂 hihi.. No.. No.. I’m not like You and Tessy think blog.. hehe..

that’s all for tonight blog.. and hope my money box will increase this night.. i hope so.. hihi..
with all my deep salute..

abe poetra
*Wonder.. Anxious.. and sure.. Curious.. 🙂 but HAPPY..
*Takkan sampai hati bila ku pergi.. Meninggalkan Niah.. Melukai Niah..

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