49. Credit Card From HSBC!!

Morning Blog..

Just now.. I called Bang Faisal!

Rember him Blog? Yup.. He’s Bang Ino’s Friend, and I know him accidentally when Tessy got accident last day. Have I told you that I met bg Faisal at Retros last Saturday night, and when I woke up in the following morning he gave me a short message which is offered and a CREDIT CARD from HSBC Bank! Haha.. blog.. I smiled and I laughed. I wrote him back.. “Are you sure bang? Are you trying to persuade me to fulfill an application for HSBC bank? Hehe.. can’t understand you.

Actually, you work for NESTLE or HSBC? Just wondering 🙂 bang” and he replied me soon “Both, be! yes both be.. just give me a copy of your salary paper, your ID Card and let me fill the applications for you.. You make your card and tessy will, too” he said. “okay, I’ll call you then.. On Monday” that’s our last conversations in SMS. I promised him to give my salary paper on Monday.

Back to our story.. just know I called bang Faisal and said sorry to him that I can’t met him yesterday. And I told her that I’ll meet him if I have a chance, I suggest him to wait until I call him again. Actually, I didn’t bring my salary paper with me today.. hihi.. I forgot 😉 or perhaps I’ll give that paper with Tessy or ask her to give it to bang Faisal. I’ll phone tessy then blog..

Oops.. have to go out blog.. I’ll tell you the whole story, later.. I see bang ikbal came over me.. ^_*

Warm regards..

Abe Poetra
*Do not steal my morning.. Do not steal my morning..
*Do not steal my happiness.. Would you please.. 😉


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