53. Should I Listen You Blog?

Dear Blog..

How are you today? are you fine blog? is there someone or something bother you? huh.. I wonder why you never told me your problems or perhaps something which made you unhappy and bother you? huh.. or perhaps you don’t have any problems to be told. or maybe you don’t need me while I am here really want to hear you.. YOU DON’T TRUST ME blog? or perhaps I ain’t the right guys to share with?

Fine Blog..
SHOULD I BEG YOU FOR THAT? I meant.. should I beg you to give me trust to listen? Don’t you need someone to share with? Don’t you need somebody to heard all your problems or all your happiness? huh.. I do confuse about you.. Whoah.. or maybe you just want to listen never complaint or never want me know your problems or your story? whoah.. what a wonderful friend you are blog..

Anyway Blog..
What A Fool Abe? hihi.. I’m just kidding you blog.. I know that you are invicible.. not exist.. however you can help me by hearing? hearing? yupie.. Sometimes we (human being) only need to be heard.. and you know blog.. you do it PERFECT.. TWO THUMBS UP for that.. ^_*

It is not easy to be person who can listen and listen.. yupie.. I try it couple times but I think it is hard to be like you blog.. always listen.. never complaint or even bother while I need to be listened. BUT ME.. I sometimes can’t listen other people while they need me to listen.. please.. I’m begging you “please teach me HOW to LISTEN?” hehe.. fine.. if you won’t teach me.. I’ll learn it by myself and I promise you blog.. I will be patience like you are..

Should I Listen To You Blog? I think You Will Answer It Firmly.. “NO Bie.. You Don’t Have To Listen To Me.. I’m Fine..” haha.. haha.. Yupie.. You’ll answer like that. I do know you blog.. yes.. I do know you blog..

High Toast.. For U Blog.. ^_*

Abdi J. Putra (Abe Poetra)
PT. Telekomunikasi Selular (TELKOMSEL)
Danamon Building Flr. 10th
Voice At : +62811648036 or +628126462548 or +6285261020879
Official E-mail : abdi_j_putra@telkomsel.co.id
E-mail : abe_poetra@yahoo.com, abe@spymac.com, abe_poetra@spymac.com
Site : http://www.telkomsel.com and http://www.ilmukomputer.com


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