58. The Wedding.. ^_^

Nite Blog..

I don’t know who started this.. but “the wedding” word has been so famous here. It just like a snow ball which is falling from the hill.. It is getting bigger and bigger 😉 In TELKOMSEL we have couple who’ve been marriage already. They are Mbak Funny, Andi, Dian (this is the new one), and One of New Officer (I don’t know his name.. blog). I think it would be followed by Hakim, Indra, Ridho, and Fitrah. Maybe Robby and Rama have been thinking about that too.. but have no courage to anounce it 🙂 who knows blog?

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Lets we talk about their story or their reason why they have to get marry.. 😉

Hakim’s Wedding..

Hakim would to marry cause He and His girl have been making relationship since they were in Senior High School.. Whoah blog.. that’s quite long! They feel.. It’s time to take high step! He said to me.. “Bie.. What do we waiting for while we have ready indeed?” haha.. you are kinda rite.. my dear friend Hakim.. 😉

Ridho’s Wedding..

Ridho aim to marry while her girl need kinda protection. Her girl, Dewi lives with her mom (her dad already passed away when dewi still a kid), they both have no any boy to protect them. So when Ridho talk to Dewi’s mom.. what a surprise.. her mom was crying and really thanks to Ridho. Blog.. I know that Ridho will Marry Dewi.. but Ridho said to me that the situation force him to Married eventhough he will marry Dewi whatever will happened. He thinks that it would be next year to prepare.. but Dewi’s mom want it as soon as possible.. Next Month! hihi.. blog.. He got confused.. He surprised when dewi’s mom asked him to get it soon. He asked our advises.. He asked me blog.. “How Do you think.. Bie? Is that really okay to get married next month?” He asked me like that a week a go while I told him why he looked so confused! I said to him “Fine Bang.. I think It is natural his mom eager to marry you as soon as possible.. her mom need somebody to protect Dewi and for sure.. protect their family.. What do you afraid for?”

Ridho mentioned me that He need more cost to do that.. I didn’t heard clearly.. but the main thing is his money has been borrowed by her sister.. so he need more money. He asked me to lend him some money.. I said “How much do you need?” He replied “I don’t want to bother you.. but if you have any Rp.2000.000,- in your account.. may I?” whoah.. Blog.. that’s much.. yeah.. that’s much ^_* I said to him “Uhmm.. listen Bang.. I think I have Rp.2jt but I’ve promised my friend to lend him too.. so I think I only can contribute for Rp.1jt.. is that okay?” I remembered Apit has asked me to lend her Rp.800.000,- and I’ve promised! Ridho said “Fine.. that’s quite enough.. as long as it doesn’t bother you.. thanks much Bie.. you solve me..” haha.. I can’t talk again blog.. Actually.. Hiks.. I’d like to tell him that I’d like to buy Televisions but I think It ain’t wise.. hiks.. hiks.. FINE.. I’m gonna lend him blog.. as long as he can marry.. I know A wise Words said “Be Good to Your friends.. then They will do the same to you..” hihi.. what a wise words blog.. 😉 I think Ridho need the money then I do.. I’ll continue it blog.. but I have to move.. I need to talk to Kyle My dear friends in YM while this computer has no any Messenger here.. 😉 c’mon move.. move.. move..

Warm Rgds..

Abe Poetra
*My 11 9/12 years old friend.. KYLE.. 😉
*Do Not Steal My Beautiful Day..


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