60. My Dear Friend KYLE KAUFMAN

Dear Blog..

We have friend in this spymac.. blog.. ^_^

I’ll introduce you.. I was watching spymac forum when my “Note Manager” shown 1 message waited! It was received at 08-04-2004 07:54 AM! and the short content is ” Hi, Do you like Detective Conan?” hehe.. and I saw KyleK74125 exists and I did sure we had the same favourite comics when I saw his avatar is Det. Conan too! Nice I whispered to my heart “Finally.. I got a nice friend”

Blog.. His Name is KYLE KAUFMAN and he is 11 8/12 years old! He’ve been 6th grade in school and does computer well. He said to me that he wanna be a WebMaster or something like that. What a wonderful kyle.. In his age he could operate competer properly.. You know blog.. If we compare here (in Indonesia) kids in his age only can operate computer to play game. But kyle different.. I admirer him cause he can do Photoshop.. he can upload kinda html code with FTP.. and he also operate Adobe GoLive and make his own site ^_^ wonderful!

Kyle also has a friend named ASHLEY.. she is in the same grade like Kyle. hehe.. though Kyle never admit it.. I think Kyle and Ashley is a couple.. yupie.. like boy and girl friend.. hehe.. something like that. You better admit it Kyle.. hehe..

Warm Regards..

Abdi J. Putra well known as Abe Poetra
*Nice to know you Kyle..
*If you read this blog.. you may give comments here.. ^_^


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