78. [Info] In Jakarta..

Today, Saturday 18th September 12:58 am blog..

Actually, I’d like to say sorry not telling you about my left! In my last day at office I can’t connect through the internet! I do not know why blog.. perhaps they have changed the IP address.. hihi.. I’m gonna find the new address as soon as I get back πŸ™‚ and I’ll tell you details of my journey..

Hmm.. I’m in Jakarta rite now blog.. staying in Arih’s kos2an with wak Pay! haha.. he’s beside me rite now (dia nengok2 aku blog.. haha..) After T’sel “Service Skills Training” we moved to LIPI then stayed at Arih kos2an at KUKUSAN (hihi.. it sounds funny to me blog.. hihi.. kinda javanese cooking tools) but this place is so interesting. Okay.. I think it’s better to off now! hihi.. this connection would influenced my billing phones πŸ™‚

See You Soon..

Abe Poetra
* Wak Pay is beside me rite now.. Using Arih NoteBook..
* BUT also using my HALLO’s card.. hmm.. to much cost.. πŸ˜‰
*Bluetooth Connection Speed 115.2 Kbps
* Sent almost 350 Kb, and downloaded data 2.5M.. hihi.. just count it blog!


77. Go To The Cinema With Fajrie

This morning was rain blog..

I was at home at 8:00 O’clock as the night was in Rudi’s home playing PS 2 with Gepenk, Robby, and Fitrah.. πŸ™‚ I can’t remember exactly what time is it? I was sleeping when Tessy called me..

I became remember that I’ve asked Fajri to accompany me watch the cinema today, so I told to her to wake me up at 1:00 O’clock and she did woke me up! I phoned Fajri and asked him.. has he waken up or not? and fortunately he has waken just like me blog.. so we had compromise to pick me at STM and after that with her bike we’ere went to the Cinema!

We’re arrived at 3:00pm while the movies started at 4:00pm! I suggest to him to get lunch at Texas Fried Chicken but wonder.. he refused? haha.. Fajrie has got his meal before he left. I asked her to Telkomsel to meet bang Teguh (security that I’ve promised to meet last night)! Got our business blog.. about family gathering! I thought that Fanny at Indosat Selular POP (beside Tsel ghrapari) so I step by there but I didn’t met her. Mbak Intan and Imay was there.. Surprise me! Mbak Intan asked my promises to treat her! πŸ˜‰ (hihi.. I ever promised to treat her before) I said wait.. go down stair.. and bought some cakes and breads to her! also, I bought some cakes and drinks for bang Teguh.. then we moved to the Empire. Continue reading →

76. Keep Busy With MySQL

Dear Blog..

Whoah.. I don’t realize that I have read this MySQL book until page 135 (Database Management With MySQL which is written by ARBIE). It started to introduce what MySQL is and then continued with Basic Command of MySQL and fortunately I passed it well.. I remember about 90% of the command! However I should get much practice blog!

I really want to finished this book as fast as I can remember this book and how to apply it in the real world ^_^ and like I said before I’ve started to collect my book and would like to scheme it into database in order to make me more fluently indeed!
Continue reading →

75. My Books Collection

Dear Blog..
I deliberately put my books collection cause I aim to scheme them into MySQL Database.. hope it would be succes blog! you know blog.. I do happy when today.. phiuh.. finally I can understand what Database is πŸ™‚ after long search at google and much tutorials I’ve read! I also bought new book of MySQL and PHP too.. May Be In the next two weeks or so I would be happy to combine it with PHP.. hihi.. horray.. we hope so blog.. yes.. I hope so.. πŸ˜€

Okay.. here they are.. I’ll write the scheme for you if I have time blog.. sorry.. kinda buzy.. =p~


1. Detektif Conan 1-38, Aoyama Gosho, Elexmedia
2. Detektif Conan Spesial 1-16, Aoyama Gosho & Kawan, Elexmedia
3. Doraemon (Data not rated yet), Fujiko F. Fujio, Elexmedia
4. Doraemon Cerita Spesial, Fujiko F. Fujio, Elexmedia
5. Shin Kotaro (Judo Version) 1-19, Tatsuya Hirota, Sakura Comic
6. Angel Heart 1-15, Hojo Tsukasa, Sakura Comic
7. Holmes Detektif Kecil, Inuku Eiji, Gramedia Majalah
8. Kungfu Boy, Takeshi Maekawa, Elexmedia
9. Kungfu Komang, In Seo Park & Sang Choi
10. Donal Bebek Buku Saku, Walt Disney, Disney Publishing


1. mengelola mail server dgn MDAEMON, Choirul Amri, Elexmedia
2. Dasar Pemrograman Web Dinamis Menggunakan PHP, Abdul Kadir, Penerbit Andi
3. Beginning PHP4, (Choi, Kent, Lea, Prasad, Ullman), Wrox Publisher
4. Java & Java Scripts, Onno W. Purba & Ahmad Daniel, Elexmedia
5. Linux STJ, Nova Novriansyah, Elexmedia
6. Membangun Web Server dengan Linux, Mufid D. P. & M. Tito Herlambang, Elexmedia
7. Belajar Sendiri Dreamweaver 3, Gregorius Agung, Elexmedia
8. Linux Buku Mini – Red Hat 9, Info Linux, Dian Rakyat
9. Turbo Pascal Jilid 1, Jogiyanto HM, Penerbit Andi
10. Beralih Ke Windows 95 edisi khusus, Charlie Russel & Sharon Crawford, Sybex Inc.
11. Membangun Situs Menggunakan PHPWebsite, Dwi Wahyudi, Elexmedia
12. VOIP Merdeka, Onno W. Purbo, Neotek
13. Animasi Web Dengan Macromedia FLASH, Tito Riberu, Dinastindo
14. Manajemen Database dengan MySQL, Arbie
15. E-Commerce – Kiat & Strategi Bisnis Di Dunia Maya, Richardus Eko Indrajit, Elexmedia


1. Cliff’s TOEFL Preparation Guide, Michael A. Pyle & Marry Ellen Munoz, Cliff Notes
2. Malayan Readers Book IV, HR Cheesman & JD Joseph B.A, Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd
3. Background to Britain, Munro Muckenzie & L.J. Westwood, Oxford Press
4. New Horizons in English, Lars Mellgren & Michael Walker, Addison-Wesley Publishing
5. Runaway Ralph, Beverly Cleary, William Morrow & Co
6. The Door in The Wall, Oliver La Farge, McFadden – Bartell
7. Fundamental English, P.B. Ballard M.A. D.Lit, University Of London Press Ltd
8. Treasure Island, Robert Luis Stevenson, Globe Book Company Press
9. Interactions II – A reading Skills Book, Elaine Kirn & Pamella Harnman, Random House
10. An Elementary Refresher Course, LA Hill, Oxford Press
11. Oral Exercises in English Composition, JC Nesfield, McMillan & Co. Ltd
12. English First – Gateway 3, English First Team, English First Publisher

EF is moving blog, and ya know, we got new class.. whoah.. much cool than the old one.. Also, me, kinda Buzy with MySQL this week blog.. So sorry if i ignore you for a while! But hope you still love me blog hehe.. *crazy.. πŸ™‚

Warm Regards..

Abdi J. Putra
*Hope it will gain much benefit things to me πŸ™‚
*4th September 2004.. Fanny’s Birthday..

81. Fajrie’s Mom


Today is holiday for me.. whoah.. I’m so happy! I’ve planned search new DVDs at Deli Plaza. haha.. actually I often buy from PAJAK USU, but it is closed in Ramadhan!

Well blog.. plan is a plan.. whenever I realize that I woke up at 12:00 and became lazy to go there! I called Apit to accompany me.. but his cell phones was not active! I called Fajri then but his mom took the phone! haha.. you know blog.. fajri’s mom always worried where fajrie is? where his son stayed is? wonderful.. hari gini gitu lho blog? laki2? hehe.. what a wonderful mom.. πŸ™‚ I thought every single person which is claimed as a man.. won’t be worried by their parents, rite? but it ain’t happened to fajri.. how poor you are fajri..

Just notice this conversation..

*phone voice.. tut.. tut.. tut.. haha.. NOT a Ring Back Tone..
*after about 8 or 10 “tut.. tut.. tut.. voice” finally.. Continue reading →

74. Getting Busy With PHP and MySQL

It is 2nd September 2004 and I’ve been busy with PHP Language and MySQL Database! Have I told you that I ever taken kinda courses for this PHP+MySQL at AMIEK MBP? No.. I think I never tell you πŸ™‚ I admit that I do interest to learn and keep study about this language cause it is easy to use and can be apllied to almost all Operating Systems (OS)!

Hoahmm.. you must be sleepy now and I thought you don’t understand either! hihi.. that’s why at first I hate this language.. too much command.. too much words to remember.. and I never learn about DataBase too.. and they used to make me SUCK πŸ™‚ How about now? Yes blog.. I start to love ’em though they hate me much.. hihi.. kiddin you blog! πŸ™‚

You must be wonder why I learn PHP+MySQL again blog? hihi.. there are two main reasons behind this..

The first reason..I’d been letting my brains off for this 6 months.. and it is annoying me.. really blog! though I’m not kinda diligent student.. but sometimes I need to study to keep my mind fresh.. wonder? better NO πŸ˜‰

The second reason is..
I met Bang Joko and He suggest me to learn it.. it really helpfull for our work and our future.. trust me he said! I know that he won’t be wrong! Oops.. Bang Joko also one of Assistant in our Computer Laboratory (he’s ’94 or ’95) and I replaced him when he’s out πŸ˜‰ wonder again blog? better no.. hihihi..

warm regards..

Abe Poetra
*Ugh.. Tomorrow is Holiday.. Horray.. Horray.. πŸ™‚
*I’m gonna watch DVD or watch Cinema..
*I’ll bring Fajrie with me blog.. hope he’s at home.. πŸ™‚
*see ya.. muach.. muach..

73. I Was Late Again – Who’s gonna pick me?


This day I woke up early! The time showed 7:00am and I’ve been eying my eyes πŸ™‚ whoah.. it’s a miracle! Playing Winning Eleven for an hour or more then I took my towel and went shower. At first.. I aimed to visit Apit and discuss about our Internet CafΓ© (you know blog.. we have to pay Rp.1.200.000,- for the electricity while we never use it) BUT kaboel phoned me and asked me to come to USU (Not Again Ugh.. it must be about money) so I decided to meet kaboel. I also has asked Tessy to join me playing around but when I called her, she didn’t picked my phone up πŸ™‚

I’d like to brought a car but I’ve promised to papa that I would never and ever use it again, blog.. then I asked Yoga whether he wanted to go or no, so I can use his motorcycle come along with me ^_^ I whispered β€œcool.. I could search some DVD and kinda MP3 at Pajak USU”

Shortly.. Kaboel and I met at Pajak USU! After we finished our business then we kept searching DVD’s Movies and you should consider it is cool blog.. I found GOTHIKA which is acted by Halle Berry there! I also bought SHREK Vol 1 and Vol 2 πŸ™‚ Oops.. when I kept looking for another interesting films, Tessy phoned me and she asked me to bought something (I bought pen for her, a millipen) I also said to her that I really wanted to buy her a DVD FILMS but she doesn’t have any DVD PLAYER at home.. that’s a pity, I said. I know that I always give her promises blog.. haha.. and she always trust me though I seldom to keep it πŸ˜‰ (sorry hacie..) Continue reading →