76. Keep Busy With MySQL

Dear Blog..

Whoah.. I don’t realize that I have read this MySQL book until page 135 (Database Management With MySQL which is written by ARBIE). It started to introduce what MySQL is and then continued with Basic Command of MySQL and fortunately I passed it well.. I remember about 90% of the command! However I should get much practice blog!

I really want to finished this book as fast as I can remember this book and how to apply it in the real world ^_^ and like I said before I’ve started to collect my book and would like to scheme it into database in order to make me more fluently indeed!

It is about a week or more been dating with this database.. quite buzy but fun.. really blog! when I woke up.. I open it and illustrated it. I haven’t install it in my computer so got to practice in my office (hihi.. sometimes it bothers me and make me unconcentrated but fine blog.. we’ll got the result soon)

Oh yeahh.. I don’t even talk to KYLE at Yahoo Messenger blog! HI KYLE IF YOU READ THIS BLOG.. please understand that I’ve been busy to learn and work! so sorry bro if I ain’t activated my YMessenger! anyway.. you invite me to your family member but what the f*ck happened to our proxies here and I can’t reach your link.. sorry again ^_*

*I’m writing my blog.. and create my database rite now blog ^_^
*I don’t know when I go to Jakarta for training blog.. perhaps in this month.. I’ll tell you later..

Warm Rgds..

Abe Poetra
*I don’t mind spending everyday.. out on your corner in the pouring rain..
*Anyway blog hihi.. can’t wait tomorrow! I’ll get my Insentifs in my money box.. COOL ^_^
*Fitrah and Anul got Rp.3.300.000,- I don’t know how much is mine? ughh.. can’t wait..


One Comment

  1. Dear Abe Poetra,

    I found your blog from google when I trace ’bout my 1st book.. It was a fortune that one of the link point to your blog. Wao, what a blog!

    Also I’d like to thank you for reading my book…:) And I wish you can achieve more from the database world!


    best regards,


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