82. Peter PAN – Bintang di Surga

well blog..
After a lot of hours spent.. finally, I can read and play the cord for this song! I borrowed benk’s guitar and the chalenge is his guitar difficult to be STANDARD, you can imagine that I played F# minor while it is in E minor? whoah.. luckyly Rama can guest that PeterPan always use a minor tab! jrenk.. jrenk.. got it πŸ™‚

For your note blog..
It ain’t the guitar.. however, I’ve checked it and I think I can make a trick on it. I should replace the string.. I don’t need to use 6th string. Later, it would be arranged as 112345 not 123456 for the string.. Got confused blog? fine.. I’ll explain you later, honey!

Bintang di Surga

Em – C – G – B

Masih ku merasa angkuh
Terbang kenanganku jauh
Langit kan menangkapku
Walau kan terjatuh

Em – C – G – B

Dan bila semua tercipta
Hanya untukku merasakan
Semua yang tercipta
Hampa hidup terasa

— the bridge contains short melody *still blurry.. —

Em – C – G – B

Lelah tatapku mencari
Arti untukku membagi
Menemani langkahku
Namun tak berarti

Em – C – G – B

— as the anchor

Dan bila semua tercipta
Tanpa harus ku merasakan
Cinta yang tersisa
Hampa hidup terasa

C – G – B – D

Bagai bintang di surga
Dan seluruh warna
Dan kasih yang setia
Dan cahaya nyata

Oh bintang di surga
Berikan cerita
Dan kasih yang setia
Dan cahaya nyata

back to the @anchor πŸ™‚

warm regards,

Abe Poetra
*Is it okay if I miss her.. while she ain’t miss me, blog?
*Yes.. I think I’m fine without her.. πŸ˜‰



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