84. This Ramadhan and The Last Ramadhan

Good day blog,

Hmm.. this Ramadan is really different for me, blog! I remembered last year.. when I held pasting day in Go-Internet with my friends. It was easy to pasting.. the time was passed bye.. hem udah bedhuk! hihi.. you know blog, actually, we stayed awoke at night till we all got sahur in the early morning.. including me! I woke up at night.. and sleep till 4 or 5 pm in the evening.. hahaha.. that’s why I said “it is easy to do pasting on last Ramadhan”

How about this year? Kewl.. I really dissapointed when I have to work in the morning! You must be wonder why I love work in the morning? Nah blog.. nah.. I really hate it, indeed! If you notice I work in the morning while it is Tuesday and Thursday, rite? Yupie.. I have to attend my english course at EF.. whoah.. while I work in the morning, I have to speak for more than 8 hours, you can imagine it blog! I do pasting and have to talk much? Whoah.. STUCK? Yes in my mind is 🙂

The most different thing in this Ramadhan than last year is about money.. hihi.. do not laugh blog.. please.. I’m too serious talking about this! Haha.. promise me you WILL not laugh when I’m telling my story.. okay you’ve promised!

It was about a week before Idul Fitri’s day.. and at that time our Internet Café was still opened and was guarded by me and Apit, others had to back to their home (mudik bah..). I really remembered when the COMPUTER SERVER was going down caused the HardDisk was collapsed! Collapsed be? Yupie.. Haha.. *look.. I’m laugh..* yes blog.. it was me who tried to upgrade its capacity and tried to add the new HDD! (so the compossition would be HDD1 with 20 Gigs and HDD2 with 2.4 Gigs.. and let the experience begin..)

I put the HDD2 (2.4 Gigs) as the first sequence and the HDD1 (20 Gigs) as the second sequence! Yes.. I know blog, do not interupted me..! As you imagine, the System Operation couldn’t be read, and more than I expected, the HDD1 which is contained 20 Gigs was broken. Whoah.. Apit blamed me! He said that we need a new Hard Disk to run the Server and “I never blamed you anyway bie, but it is better to change it before others know it!”

“Oh.. thanks god.. another bad experiences again.. and again” *shocked my head.. J * I thought, another Rupiahs again would be spent to buy it? While I only had Rp.400.000,- in pocket at that time blog? Hihi.. kinda funny while HD was priced at Rp.675.000,-! Hiks.. hiks.. DILLEMA for me blog! that’s all of my money, more over.. I need Rp.275.000,- to bought a new Hard Disk! Wanna cry.. wanna blamed myself.. finally got my mom to solve it. Again and again, I promised to repay it later.. (when bie? I dunno :))

All Rgds,

Abe Poetra
*what a happy Ramadhan


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