86. Indra – We Pray For You

Blog, I’m sad.. sad.. and sad! Today is LEBARAN DAY

Have I told you about indra, blog? Yeah.. one of my best friend! Been 10 years become my best friends! Indra is now lying in hospital, weak, and sick! It’s been a week blog, and he still there! Hiks.. you know I do sad for him, blog! I can’t stand longer beside him, I feel quilty, I feel unfair? Why him? Why he should got that FU*KING ILL! Puffhh.. I know it is unfair!

Actually, I don’t believe her mom while she told me that Indra was sick! I thought like indra used to be? Always complaint that he’s sick, he got headache, got influenza, and else. Damn.. I know ndra, you always complaint you know! And it sometimes makes me sick!

Blog, It is first day in Lebaran!

When I was doing anjangsana and sungkeman (javanese habbit) at my grandma’s house, I got phone from Tessy that she and fidia would like to visit indra at gleneagles! I whispered in my heart, oh god.. indra must be feel lonely to celebrate lebaran! I ride my motorcycle and went together with ‘em! actually, at first I don’t remember Indra at all, yest at all, thanks god they remind me..

When we arrived, her father told me that indra has been SHOCK and got STEP (kejang-kejang) for thrice times this day! Whoah, it surprised me! A day before, he was looked better, it looked that he will get in seconds? I don’t know why blog?

Uhmm.. I stared at his eyes, and he kept looking to me like he were said “sorry bie, I’m really sick rite now! You said that it is deserved to be called SICK if you were in hospital, rite? Yes, I’m now in hospital bie, it means I’m sick rite?” hiks.. hiks.. Blog, I can’t hold my tears any longer.. I cried.. am I too mushy? I just.. uhm.. I just remember that he really meant to me.. I become remember that I always make him hurt.. I also remember that he always cares to me! I know blog.. I know he will be fine soon! I just think he could.. no.. no.. better not think about THAT!

As I my journey to home..

Again and again.. I think he could.. I was thinking that uhmm.. COULD DIE.. yes, I know it ain’t POLITE to say so, I CAN’T STOP TO THINK IT, I know, you can feel what I feel blog! I think it.. and I cried.. think it again.. much memories remembered in my mind and it also make me more sad.. and IF IT IS REALLY HAPPENED.. look, ndra! I won’t FORGIVE YOU, ndra! I HATE YOU.. (sorry blog if it is sounds rude or unpolite, I only write what I feel!!!)

About her sick?

The doctor have checked him and he also got X-Ray light too, but they can’t determine what his sick is? Also I suggest his father to check with an atlternative ways? DUKUN (kinda medicine man) and we still wait the result! I don’t know what has happened to indra? What or who make him like this?

I also remebered that he ever told me about ELI (his X-Girl friend)! He told me that ELI and EDI (eli’s fiance) got problems.. bla.. bla.. Eli feel Edi make her worried and told the whole story to indra! So what, blog? I’m not become a suspicious one, but like her father said, maybe there’s something occurred that we don’t know Bie? Yes, maybe! But I also remembered about LIA? about MIRA? And OTHERS who’s been in hurt by Indra? Or maybe about THE WEDDING? Someone doesn’t like about indra’s wedding? I DON’T KNOW BLOG.. yes I DON’T KNOW!

Okay, blog.. I’ll visit him tomorrow and hope he get well soon!

Abe Poetra
*All my pray is yours ndra.. just wake up..
*Get well soon.. I know we can pass this like we were used to be!



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