100. Nokia 30 – Mobile to Mobile

Dear All..

Today.. Like a day ussually! I entered the office at 16:00 pm! I wondered? where’s my CPU? I have asked Redoks to repair it a day before! BUT IT AIN’T THERE yet? I called Andi to get my CPU back.. and He with a rush brought my CPU back.. Thanks God! Finnaly, I got this desk back πŸ™‚ It is really nice work at our own desk rite? That’s why Topan.. Wira.. even Lonie feel Uncomfort if they got their desk seat by somebody else! I’ve asked Bang Ikbal and Bang Syahril to sit at Indra’s Desk.. Actually we will got a new desk but the PC’s still being installed (hehe.. what a lazy dukyan and dalyan.. sh*t.. πŸ˜‰

Haha.. I tried to start up my computer but the error command appear? what? I checked the BIOS function (being password) – bukan abe kalau gk bisa buka passwordnya.. hehe.. πŸ™‚ so I checked it.. whut the f*ck? where’s the HD? I went to Back Office.. I asked Bang Ipoel.. “Where’s Redoks Bang?” He replied “I don’t know.. try to find him at back.. At Hadi’s desk” I hunt him.. and got it.. also got my HD back! Actually, I can solve those problems.. but you know blog.. it ain’t my authority to do that! NOT MY JOB DESC =)

I was working when Redoks came again to my desk and asked me about NOKIA 30! *thinking..* He asked me about NOKIA 30? and I don’t know what the hell Nokia 30 is? hihi.. He always asked me about something He doesn’t know. I don’t mind as long as I know.. πŸ˜‰

Just Notice The Conversation :

“Be Oh be.. Can you help me?”

“Sure.. Whassat Bang?”

“Look.. I just bought Nokia 30 and I don’t know how to use it?”

“Nokia 30? what.. hmm.. hmm… let me see! and then? what should I do for you?”
*gw manggut-manggut sok ngerti geto..

“Uhmm.. Be.. I don’t know how to use it.. and I don’t know the software to run it either.. can you tell me how? or at least.. have you a friend can show me step by step to make it works?”

“Honestly.. I can’t use it too but I promised you I’ll contact my friend at SEMARANG! maybe he knows.. I will tell you as soon as he give me a clue.. πŸ˜‰ Or maybe I will also asked Nuri Abidin at Intranet.. maybe he knows something cause I find out he join KANNEL”

“Thanks be.. thanks be.. I will buy your domain hehe.. just tell me when it is being launched”
*hehe.. mencoba menyogok.. tapi gk papalah.. dia gw kasih tau cara makek NOKIA 30 dan softwarenya.. sebagai imbasnya doi beli domain dari gw.. huauhauha.. win win solutions.. πŸ™‚

See the picture below.. USB serial? hihi.. hope so!


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