TOP 10 Indonesia Best CEO 2014

From SWA magazine, guys..
These are..


1. Ignasius Jonan (KAI)
2. Agus Benjamin (Lippo Insurance)
3. Arief Yahya (TELKOM)
4. Milawarma (Bukit Asam)
5. Raharjo Adisusanto (Sarana Multi Griya Finansial)
6. Bambang W Soendoro (Grup Enesis)
7. Arfan Awaloeddin (Grup RS Awal Bross)
8. Richard B Hardianto (GMF Aerosia)
9. Judi Achmadi (TelkomSigma)
10. Projo Sunarjanto (Adisarana Armada)

I don’t even know how SWA Magazine do the methodology in this rank. You can read yourself at page 34. There are several steps including GCG Aspects and survey to employee directly.. ^_^

Any comments? Just shoot..

That’s all guys, happy reading everyone.. đŸ˜€


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