Perbedaan Vintage & Retro

Well, first, I don’t do photoshop much. For me, just like other-plain-ganteng-ordinary-people, Microsoft Paint is more than enough.. ๐Ÿ˜€

Sometimes, I discussed with Kang Jalu (Mgr Pangkal Pinang) about design and something related to image manipulation (Ps, Corel Draw, etc). He ain’t ekspert but at least had more knowledge of image manipulation.

Oh actually, I want to share about “vintage” & “retro” in term of design.. ^_^

I still remembered when my wife said “Pah, hotel ini kok vintage banget kayaknya”. Yes noted to “Vintage”. And sometimes we call somebody else who have the old style with “Retro” title. “Anak itu gayanya retro, asik!”

And everyone here must be understand. Vinatage & Retro, though it can be said they have equally same gendered “old-fashioned” (sama-sama jadul hihi). But they stand alone with its old character respectively.

Aih, it is not easy to write something in Friday. Perhaps this article will lead you to undertand the differences.. ^_^

According to the picture, from my photo. Coba kawan-kawan tebak, nyang mana retro dan nyang mana vintage? Atas apa dan bawah apa? ๐Ÿ˜‰

(Late post, briefing pagi, at BO Global, framing by moldiv app).

– – with Jalu, Meldy, Ardee, Rebecca, and ridho

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