Evernote Premium User – Thanks Evernote


Last day, I wrote an email to Evernote. You can see the picture.

I joined Evernote 20th May 2012 and it runs well in almost operating system. Just like other notes, everything is stored in thhe cloud. Means that my notes are always available whenever I need it, whether I am using iPhone or my MacBook.

And since june, I upgraded to “Plus Plan” and bothers with their message the benefit of “Premium Plan”.

For me, I love their clean and neat interface. Including their simple font, and their logo, and their faster syncronizing things compare to others. The last one is my first reason to upgrade.

Eventhough Google created “Google Note” in 2013 but still Evernote is the champion. Google somehow, cmiiw, ain’t focus on Notes. They are focusing disrupts markets hehe..

— and then..

As my email in the pictures, someone there in Evernote office changed my plan “become premium” at the back end. Yeay, hoorayy.. ^_^

Rezeki anak sholeh euy. My plus plan being upgraded to “Premium Plan” at no additional cost. Thanks god.. 🙏😊

– – with Ardee at Telkomsel Grapari Bengkulu

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