Nonton Saban’s Power Ranger

Malem ini..

Nonton Power Rangers with My Family.. ūüėć

And, you can see the resume below:

Saban’s Power Rangers[3]¬†(or simply¬†Power Rangers) is a 2017 American¬†superhero film¬†based on the team¬†of the same name, written by¬†John Gatins¬†and directed by¬†Dean Israelite. It is the third film of the¬†Power Rangers¬†film franchise, and is a¬†reboot¬†that features the main characters of the¬†original¬†Power Rangers¬†television series, portrayed by a new cast. The film stars¬†Dacre Montgomery,¬†Naomi Scott,¬†RJ Cyler,¬†Becky G,¬†Ludi Lin,¬†Bill Hader,¬†Bryan Cranston¬†and¬†Elizabeth Banks. In the film,¬†Zordon¬†recruits five high school students to form a team that must stop an alien threat led by the witch¬†Rita Repulsa.

It is the first blockbuster film to feature LGBTQ and autistic superheroes.[4][5] Franchise creator Haim Saban returned to produce the film under his investment firm. The film premiered at Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles on March 22, 2017 and was released in the United States on March 24, 2017. The film received mixed reviews from critics and has grossed $97 million worldwide.

– – with Fanny

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